Monday, April 30, 2018

CHECK MY TOTAL #3 IBP Tarheel State Recap

Did you miss the meet? We’ve got you covered! Guests Bradley Guffie, Erin Black, Rob Wess, and Keith Payne discuss the 2018 IBP Tarheel State Powerlifting Championships. We also learn about a special marriage proposal.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

CHECK MY TOTAL #1 Meet Your Hosts Part One

Meet your first host for the Check My Total series! This episode we learn about host Andrew Hinson’s background and the journey he took to achieve an Iron Boy Powerlifting Elite Total.

Check My Total is a powerlifting podcast hosted by Andrew Hinson and Timothy Payne! Listen to their hot takes on the sport as well as exclusive lifter interviews, meet recaps and whatever else is on their mind! Deadlifts, chicken nuggets, videogames, it’s all on the table!

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Keith Payne and Rob Wess explain Iron Boy Powerlifting’s rules for the competition squat. They go over the infractions of the squat and head judge commands.


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