Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The powerlifting community lost a great man. Mario Torrez passed away yesterday in Burlington, NC. He will be missed by all who new him.

 The memorial service will be this Saturday 27 October 2012 at:

Lowe Funeral Home
2205 South Church Street
Burlington, North Carolina

Phone: 336-228-8366

Vistation will be from 10:45-11:45 am
Memorial service will begin at 12:00 noon


Mario Torrez  B.S., M.A. Retired school teacher / wrestling coach


Powerlifting Competition Background

• Competed in Olympic and Powerlifting sanctioned meets 1962-2006.

• Won 6 State Titles in Michigan and Alaska.

• 2nd 1986 ADFPA National Masters

• Competitor at 1987 World Masters Olympic Lifting Championships.

• Competed in Michigan, Alaska, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and Puerto Rico.


International and National Powerlifting Official 1962-2006

• Organizations- IPF Category II 1975-1990, USPF, USAPL, ADFPA, AAU, NASA, 100% RAW Federation, IBP and WABDL.



• Published author in Iron Man, Strength and Health, Muscular Development, NSCA (1979-1983) and PLUSA (1977).

• Author: An Advanced Guide: Strength Training For Wrestling (1978) [out of] print

• Conducted Powerlifting seminars, sanctioned competitions, certified state officials, in Michigan’s prison system including Jackson, the world’s largest walled Institution 1987-1996.

• Inducted into Michigan Powerlifting Hall of Fame (ca. 1990).

Former State Record Holder in Michigan, Alaska, and North Carolina.

USPF Michigan Powerlifting State Chairman 1985-1990.

• Former Powerlifting Meet Director (Michigan) 1977-1995.

• Former amateur wrestler in Michigan, Alaska, and Dominican Republic.


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